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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Black Hole Presentation

This is my presentation about one of the most mysterious pheomenon in this whole universe, the Black Holes.
Supernova / hypernova explosion that occurred on a very huge and massive star forms smaller star called neutron star that has smaller size but very strong gravity that can make human flattened into ashes.

Because of the massive gravitation that the neutron star had, every material near the star and the star itself compressed into the core creating a hole in space-time. Once something (even light) passed it, it will never come back again, because the event of space-time will stop inside the black hole, even no one knows exactly what actually happened inside it.

The presentation contains further informations like:
  • Process of black hole formation
  • Parts of black hole
  • Types of black hole
  • Classification of black holes by mass
  • And many others... (cool pics inside)
To download the presentation, just click the following link. Hope you enjoy it :)
Black Hole Presentation Download